Strength of Pizzamaru
Differentiated from the base of the product
The base of Pizza is dough. Pizza Maru differentiates its flavor, texture, and
concept by using healthy ingredients to make pizza dough.

Green Tea Well-Being Dough

Green tea well-being dough is consisted of 10 natural grains including green tea, chlorella, oats, rye, flax, black rice, barley, corn, sunflower seeds, wheat, sorghum, and millet and it is used to make Pizza Maru’s basic products. This provides not only healthy images of pizza to consumers but also differentiate from other brands’ in terms of dough color, taste, and texture

Black Rice Dough

Black rice dough is made of mainly black rice and used to make Chicago pizza. Unlike other brands’ dough that are made of flour only, black rice dough has a good reputation from consumers with its soft texture. It also helps fast digestion.

Squid Ink Dough

With squid ink added, this dough gives delicious flavor as well as nutrition. Especially with its darker color differ from other doughs, squid ink dough brings joy of eating, unique visual, and it is loved by lots of consumers.

Constant Research and Development

on Menu and Ingredient

Pizza Maru has been operating product development research center certified by Korean government and non-stop investing for the better pizza quality and flavor. With continuous research and development, we understand market trend and capture consumer’s rapidly changing tastes and finally become a leader in market trend. Our research ability is applied in overseas markets as well to adopt and implement local consumer’s characteristics in foods through discussion with the local partners. This also helps to develop the new menu as well as to flexible response to existing menus.
The One and Only Brand in the World for Both
Korean Chicken and Pizza at the Same Time.
Pizza Maru is the sole brand in the world that serves rich topping Korean pizza and seasoned chicken with various delicious sauces at the same time. No matter where you visit any well-known pizza or chicken franchise restaurants in the world, you can’t taste both of pizza and chicken at the same time. Pizza Maru operates stores in an effective way by shortening the consumer’s purchase cycle by selling both pizza and chicken.
Flexible Operating System

Pizza Maru operates mainly as small-scale stores specializing in take-out and delivery. Currently there are 650 stores in Korea.
Unlike Korean stores, overseas stores are operated as both large scale of 200sqm and small and medium scale of 80sqm.
It can be beneficial for local partners as they can choose the right store size considering the areas and market styles.

Large Store
sell various menus including Korean pizza, chicken, fusion pasta, fusion toppokki, bokkembap(fried rice), and twigim(fries) developed by pizza Maru capturing different age groups of consumers’ tastes.

Small and medium-sized Stores

sell mainly Korean pizza and chicken for take away, delivery, and eat at store. With the recent issues with Covid-19, small scale store around residential area is tremendously popular.
Various and Professional Menu
Food Zone Co., Ltd operating Pizza Maru brands, has experiences on operating various franchises including chicken,
Italian cuisine(pasta), steak, and Korean cuisine. Pizza Maru has selected competitive menu among its brands and put them into Pizza Maru overseas markets.
Overseas partners can have all competitivity that Food Zone has in various professional fields of foods.