Overseas Bussiness Support

benefits 01

Brand Exclusivity

 Provide Pizza Maru brand exclusivity

 Provide franchise business exclusivity on recruiting franchises in contracted area

benefits 02

Standard Provision and Joint Research

Kitchen Facility

Provides standards on oven,
kitchen equipment etc

  Joint research on local facilities
that meets standards

  If fail to meet the standard,
we’ll figure out a way to import them
from Korea or other countries

Food Materials

Provides standard on food materials

  Joint research and confirm food
material distribution route

  Select products’ unit price

benefits 03

Local Test

Local food material test

Headquarter staff will be dispatched
to local for local food test
*Sauces and doughs for test
will be provided for free of charge

Equipment Test

Test suitability of the given
kitchen equipment’s by local partner

benefits 04

Before Opening (in Korea)
* After open 1st store, staff from
headquarter will stay in local store for
maximum of 2 weeks for store stabilization
After Opening (Local)
benefits 05
1st Store Interior Design
3D Interior Plan
benefits 06

Regular Training and Management

2 Regular trainings every year: To check whether partner
follows recipe, manual etc

benefits 07

Support Marketing Materials

  Provide marketing materials such as design,
video, poster and so on that belongs
to Pizza Maru HQ

  Provide know-how when participate
exhibition and fair

  Provide diverse marketing methods
implemented in Korea

benefits 08

New Menus
Develop new menus in accordance with local trend
* Partners should have done a thorough research and provide
the data to headquarter for further steps

benefits 09

Joint Research on Market
Research together on commercial areas
where partner would like to open up a new store