Corporate Social Responsibility
[‘Pizzamaru’ continuing good deeds, decides to sponsor Korea Rehabilitation Agency. Courtersy of Pizzamaru]


Pizzamaru continuing good deeds, decides to sponsor Korea Rehabiliation Agency

[Sports Seoul Reporter Kim Yun-gyeong]
Pizzamaru, the Korean native pizza franchise, is continuing its heart-warming move related to CSR(corporate social responsibility).

This time, Pizzamaru decided to provide periodic sponsorship to the Korea Rehabilitation Agency every month, and proceeded with a signboard hanging ceremony related to this on the 24th.

The Korea Rehabilitation Agency is an organization under the Ministry of Justice which supports crime prevention activities and helps the released prisoners return to society.

Pizzamaru agreed with the social value pursued by the public corporation, and decided to periodically sponsor a monthly welfare fund to help local released prisoners adapt to society.

The sponsored amount will be used as a welfare fund only for first-time offenders. Its major purpose is to create a safe society by lowering the second offense rate.

What is significant about this move by Pizzamaru is that the company has been continuing good deeds persistently. Pizzamaru has attracted the attention of the industry and consumers with its persistent CSR activities.
Currently, Pizzamaru is carrying out sponsorship projects in various areas for disabled people and fire stations, and has been selecting college student volunteer supporters for lending a helping hand to the local community.

A spokesperson of Pizzamaru said, “It is true that domestic franchise companies has a minimal awareness of CSR activities,” and added, “Pizzamaru will transform the culture of the domestic franchise industry through engaging in continuous social contribution activities.”
[Courtesy of Pizzamaru]


Pizzamaru hosts a show for encouraging fire fighters
[Global Economic Reporter Kim Hyeong-su]
Pizzamaru announced that they hosted an encouragement show for fire fighters of Incheon Fire Station and their families.

This show was held at Incheon Fire Department.
About 300 people including fire fighters and their families attended the event. Pizzamaru model and illusionist Lee Eun-gyeol and Pizzamaru’s official supporters, the college student volunteers participated in the event. Along with a magic show, pizza catering was provided.

‘Pizzamaru college student supporters’ is a college student volunteer group chosen to contribute to the local community.
The volunteer group consisting of a total of 4 teams of five members will engage in vigorous activities up to the upcoming June.
[Korea Para Powerlifting Federation Chairman, Lee Byeong-do. Courtesy of Pizzamaru.]


Pizzamaru signs business agreement for supporting the Korea Para
Powerlifting Federation and athletes

[e-Daily Reporter Jeong Tae-seon]

On the 20th, Foodzone and the Korea Para Powerlifting Federation affiliated to the Korea Paralympic Committee signed a business agreement for supporting athletes.

Pizzamaru is practicing co-existence by carrying out win-win events with franchises and signing a business agreement with the international relief development NGO, ‘Good Neighbors.’

This business agreement began with the purpose of providing a small consolation to athletes engaging in tough training through periodically delivering pizzas for them.
Pizzamaru CEO Lee Yeong-jon was also appointed as the vice-chairman of the Korea Para Powerlifting Federation.

Through this, Pizzamaru promised to fulfill an active and responsible business agreement in order to support the improvement of the record of athletes, going beyond the concept of a simple sponsorship.

The chairman of Korea Para Powerlifting Federation, Lee Byeong-do said, “I am happy to be able to periodically provide pizzas to our athletes through the business agreement with Pizzamaru,” and added, “I think our athletes and coaches will be able to spend a good time after a tough training.”
Pizzamaru CEO Lee Yeong-jon said, “This business agreement is an agreement carried out as a part of companionship from Pizzamaru’s management philosophy of ‘coexistence and companionship,’ and added, “I hope we can provide joy to everyone by providing excellent pizzas that we are the best at.”

[Youngjon Lee, PizzaMaru CEO on the left and Byungdo Lee, Korea Para Powerlifting Federation CEO (provided by PizzaMaru)]


Pizzamaru joins Good Neighbors for ‘Relay for Sharing 10,000 Pizzas’

[e-Daily Reporter Jeong Tae-seon]

The pizza brand, ‘Pizzamaru’ announced on the 19th that they will begin ‘The relay for sharing 10,000 pizzas of love’ by signing an MOU for social contribution with the international relief development NGO, ‘Good Neighbors.’

Pizzamaru will deliver pizza snacks from its head office and franchises with a nationwide tour relay method to local children’s centers and child welfare facilities operated nationwide by Good Neighbors. Its purpose is to support Good Neighbors that has worked hard to help neglected children such as abused children or children from a poverty-stricken family to grow up as a healthy member of society.

They aim to distribute a total of 10,000 pans of pizza, and it is significant in that it is an agreement where the head office and franchise owners joined hands for a better world.

The general manager of Good Neighbors sharing marketing, Hwang Seong-ju said,“The snack children of local children’s centers prefer the most is pizza”and added, “We think children and volunteer workers will be able to spend a fun time through the business agreement with Pizzamaru.”

Pizzamaru CEO, Lee Yeong-jon said, “This business agreement is an idea that came up at the franchise owner meeting between the franchise and the head office,” and added, “I hope the pizzas personally made by Pizzamaru members delight children.”

In the meantime, Pizzamaru is realizing sharing and devotion with various social contribution activities, and is becoming a role model as a ‘Good Franchise’ company from the franchise industry that has recently stirred up controversy.